Important Information About Your Drinking Water Supplier

08 / June

Cariad Customer Q&A

Q. Why is my water supplier changing to Waterlogic from Cariad?

A. Back in December 2018 Cariad were acquired by Waterlogic and we made the conscious decision to
run Cariad as a separate entity for a period of time, although many of the internal departments
were shared services accessible to the Cariad team. Following the upgrade of the Waterlogic systems
now feels like the right time to fully integrate the Cariad business to Waterlogic.

Q. Will this affect my pricing or contract?

A: No, all pricing, terms and conditions, equipment, and service agreements that you have in place
will all stay as they are now. However, please note that going forward Waterlogic GB Limited will
be responsible for your contract in place of Cariad Cool Water Ltd.

Q. What if I have an issue with my water dispenser?

A: Please visit our website where there are many troubleshooting solutions
available. We also have our experts available on Live Chat to help you straight away. If you would
prefer to talk to one of our Customer Support team, please feel free to call on 01834 826959. We
will always attempt to resolve the issue over Live chat or phone and we will arrange an engineer
visit if required.

Q. How frequently will my water dispenser have servicing carried out?

A. Waterlogic GB Limited are full members of the Water Hydration Association (WHA) following the
WHA’s Code of Practice, which requires bottled dispensers to be sanitised every 13 weeks and
Mains-Fed dispensers have a service and filter change carried out every 26 weeks.

Q. How will I order water or cups?

A. You can order all your water and cups through our online shop at
Tailored to you, our online shop offers you the same great products without the need to phone or
email and all just a couple of clicks away – you will receive login details at the beginning of
July. In the interim you can email the consumables team on

Q. How frequently can I have my water delivery?

A. Your current service level and water delivery frequency will remain unchanged, require
additional water or consumables please order these via

Q. Will I be able to keep the same water dispenser?
A. Yes, there will be no change to your equipment other than a Waterlogic GB Limited label will
replace the current label.

Q. When will I receive my first invoice from Waterlogic GB Limited?

A. Invoices from 1st July 2022 onwards will be billed by Waterlogic GB Limited with values payable
to Waterlogic. Your first invoice from Waterlogic will be produced on or around the 15th of July
for monthly, quarterly and annual rentals, (where applicable). All invoices for deliveries of
consumables and servicing from 1st July onwards will be received monthly from Waterlogic GB
Limited (where applicable).

Q. When will I receive future invoices from Waterlogic GB Limited?

A. Waterlogic GB Limited will send invoices in line with your current terms or monthly on the 15th
of each month.

Q. Who do I pay my outstanding invoice balances to?

A. From 1st July 2022 all outstanding invoices and any values associated that were issued by
Cariad Cool Water Ltd should be paid to Waterlogic. Please see the next question for payment

Q. How can I make payment to Waterlogic GB Limited?

A. You can pay by BACS, direct debit, or credit card. Please call our Customer Support team on
01834 826959 if you have any queries regarding payments. Please send any remittances to

Q. I currently pay by BACS, is this possible with Waterlogic GB Limited?

A. Please see the details below:
Name: Waterlogic GB Limited
Bank: HSBC UK Bank PLC
Sort Code: 40-11-60
Account Number: 01240668
IBAN: GB36HBUK40116001240668

Or even easier, just call us on 01834 826959 and we will sort out the details so that you can
settle your invoice automatically by Direct Debit.

Q. Will my invoices change?

A. The invoice you receive from Waterlogic GB Ltd will look very similar as we use the
er Ltd. The invoice is very easy to read but if you
have any queries at all, please call accounts on 01834 826959

Q. I have raised historical Purchase Orders in the name of Cariad Cool Water Ltd and need you to
complete supplier set up forms to get Waterlogic GB Limited set up in our system.

A. If you require a new supplier set up form to be completed please send this request over to

Q. Who do I raise my purchase order to during the integration period?

A. If you have received an invoice from Cariad the PO needs to be raised against Cariad. If it is
Waterlogic GB Ltd then please raise the PO against Waterlogic. Moving forward all POs must be
raised against Waterlogic.

Any further questions that have not been answered please do not hesitate to speak to our Customer
Support team via Live Chat at or by phone on 01834826959.