Cosmetal River Fountain

The River fountain is connected to the water mains, guaranteeing constant quality over time and requiring extremely limited maintenance, providing a reliable drinking water system for public areas, waiting rooms, schools and shopping centres.

Innovative factory-filled and sealed ice bank to offer greater performance.

Various performance levels are available to meet the various requirements of high use applications.

The wide range of taps makes it possible to drink directly from the jet and/or using a cup. The sink also features a drainage system.

The jet tap can be controlled using a pedal, facilitating water dispensing even in the most critical situations or when your hands are full.

The ice bank is filled during the production process and sealed to avoid evaporation or accidental water leaks during transportation.

Filter systems can be applied to improve the taste and quality of the water, eliminating impurities, aromas and unpleasant flavours.


H: 960mm

W: 325mm

D: 325mm

Stainless Steel

Cold Only

30L per hour



*Mains Waste Only