The quality of our water and the level of professional care that our customers receive is of immense importance to us. Our Sanitisation Engineers take pride in looking after the wellbeing of all our units – ensuring that our water is as yummy as the day it is bottled.

Why Sanitise?

We urge our consumers to take care of the units at all times to ensure the wellbeing of those consuming the water. So regular disinfection of the units and taps is encouraged. Suitable disinfectants include chlorine based compounds, peroxide, peroxyacetic acid and ozone. However, disinfection alone is not sufficient! That’s why our engineers visit sites on a regular basis to sanitise thoroughly – and take pride in doing so.

What happens if we don’t Sanitise?

Biofilm is a group of microorganisms which build up in the taps and cooler waterways. Tests have shown that after three months this begins to affect water quality. A cooler after four months may be adding another 25% to the TVC (bacterial content) of the water compared to the bottle.

The chances of there being unacceptable types of bacteria in the cooler are greatly increased. They will be living protected in the biofilm.

Your chances of having a water sample taken from the cooler being judged as unacceptable are greatly increased. As awareness and use of coolers grows, the likelihood of water samples being drawn from coolers increases.

If a bottle has turned green on a cooler then the next bottle will turn green if the cooler has not been sanitized Princes Gate Cool Water also distributes a range of sanitizing products to help maintain the cleanliness of coolers and mains-fed units continually.

Bioguard is a range of sanitizing and disinfecting products which more adequately meet the needs of our customers who are keen to maintain the integrity of their water dispensers. They are non-hazardous, extremely user-friendly, non-corrosive or damaging to services and have very limited effluent output levels. They are safe to use in a food preparation environment, and therefore the integrity of our water is at all times protected

For more details on the range and prices, please contact us directly